Cornish Grazing Share The Secret To The Perfect Christmas Platter

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Platter
We sat down with the Queen of platters, Sammie from Cornish Grazing, for the top tricks and trends for making the perfect platter this Christmas... 
How To Choose Your Ingredients? 
I always introduce a mix of flavours and these tend to stem from my cheese selections. Travarrian Cornish Brie offers a creamy flavour, a strong flavour comes from Cornish Blue Cheese and Yarg offers a subtle unique flavour whilst being wrapped in nettles. It's great to involve a mixture of flavours throughout the platter such as peppery and smokey meats, salty nuts, sweet treats, crunchy flavourful rich crackers and dips.
What Are Your Tips For Sourcing Your Ingredients?
It's great to base ingredients upon what is currently in season, throughout the summer season there was an abundance of ripe and fresh berries. However I am now finding strawberries really aren’t at their best. I have since made the switch to introduce blackberries, which are a great contrast paired with Cornish Brie on a charcoal cracker, drizzled in Honey which is sourced from a small local family home in Stithians. 
How Do You Choose The Right Size Platter?
This took me some practise! It was hard to know when to stop, as I adore all of the produce and would devour every single platter myself If I could! I take each item used and divide this by how many people the platter will be for, ensuring the platter size is correct and there is also enough produce whilst being cost effective. Each customer will create their own unique flavours, and they may not consume all of the produce. Sometimes I will include additional produce on the platter whilst serving the crackers and condiments separately. 
Here we have used our statement Octopus Platter. It is rare for a platter to look so good, when the food is all gone! We have a range of platters on our website and in store to wow your guests this Christmas. 
What Is The Key To Building The Perfect Platter?
It's all about the presentation, and produce used. The produce needs to be of the highest quality, providing a huge variety ensuring there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. When creating the platter design it is crucial to include small pockets where the produce can visibly sit and make sure that this is not all in one place. It's also great to bear in mind what is being placed next to each other, for instance crackers absorb a lot of moisture therefore these can’t be placed next to oily produce such as olives and stuffed peppers. 
 Cornish Grazing caters to all sorts of events from date nights to Christmas parties. They will make a grazing masterpiece that not only looks but tastes amazing (Trust us, we've had a platter and they are mouth watering good). To find out more about Cornish Grazing and how you can get your hands on your own yummy spread head over to or contact them directly via email 

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