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Our New Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Matthew Binny

Posted on May 03 2017

Here at Cream Cornwall, we’re very excited to get our blog off the ground, as it gives us the perfect platform to show our customers all of the beauty and wonders Cornwall has to offer. We’ll be posting updates throughout each month with the latest updates regarding our Falmouth-based store, as well as content such as homeware guides and accounts of our many Cornish outings.


We’re passionate about each and every product we sell, and there’s no better way to kick off our blog than by announcing a new product we’re thrilled to have at Cream. Our beautiful selection of rugs not only offers a unique and high-end quality but also provides any room with the perfect hint of personality. Although they have a very distinct look in regards to quality, there is an abundance of styles and designs to explore, with a broad range of colour ways to consider – making it a much less testing task to find the perfect rug for your home. We are especially fond of the runners, as it can ordinarily be a bit of a nightmare to find a runner to suit your needs.

To be in keeping with our brand and the style of products we sell, we’ve chosen a classic palette of navy, denim and pale greys peppered with a shot of red, hot pink and coral. It’s safe to say this palette offers something for most households and allows you to choose a rug that won’t squander the current theme or decoration of a room.

Their website states that ‘home products should never be so precious that they can’t stand up to typical traffic’, and we couldn’t agree more! Everyone is guilty of accidently spilling coffee on the carpet, or kicking over a glass of red wine–leaving a tedious reminder in the form of a stain. One of the rugs’ most endearing qualities is that their robust nature and the fact that you can wash them if any accidents should occur. It’s for these reasons that these rugs would be the perfect addition to any home.

Whether you have children or pets (both of which can be spell bad news for a new rug), lots of foot traffic from social occasions, or need an outdoor for your decking when the sun decides to show its face – the quality and longevity of these rugs has all bases covered. We also love that they’re made from recycled materials, as it not only makes them extremely environmentally friendly but also increases the sense of uniqueness they maintain so well.

To suit the varied design and space allowances of people’s homes, we have a range of different sizes to assist those in search of the perfect rug. Unfortunately, we’re unable to stock each and every size, but it’s no trouble at all for us to order the size you need. The wait for these sizes will be between one and two weeks, but with quality such as this, it’s most definitely a rug that’s worth waiting for.



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