Our New Marine Inspired Pottery Range from the 'Little Venice' of Portugal

We have a new Portuguese Pottery range, and the story behind it is magic! 

Aveiro is located on the central coast of Portugal, popularly known as the Little Venice of Portugal. Traditionally known for the fishing, pottery and porcelain, this picturesque seaside town is the home of our new handmade Portuguese Pottery range.

Aveiro is perched on the shores of a coastal lagoon. Brightly-coloured Moliceiros (traditional boats) cruise the city's canal network, while Aveiro's old town boasts buildings decorated with traditional azulejo tiles.

The city is decorated head to toe with incredible artwork. The Válega church is a true masterpiece of tile painting art and surely one of the most remarkable churches in Portugal!

Anybody who knows us at Cream will know our deep love for blue and white.We were overwhelmed with excitement discovering that even the towns iconic train station is a masterpiece, showcasing traditional blue and white azulejo tiles. 

Our Marine collection is inspired by the beaches surrounding the city that are home to Fish, Conch, Mussels, Starfish and lots of beautiful Shells. Each piece is made in Aveiro using the towns traditional, hand made style.  

We have truly fallen in love with Aveiro, the “Little Venice of Portugal" and are so excited to share a little piece of the place with you through our new range of Portuguese Pottery that is now in store and online. 


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