Lamorna Candle -Accessories- Cream CornwallThis is blend contrasts fresh sea sprays with masculine wood notes and amber musk in a candle beaker with a Seahorse and Coral illustration.

Lamorna Candle

Storm Brewing Candle -Accessories- Cream CornwallBlend of top notes of tea tree and orange, mid notes of juniper, rose, neroli and jasmine and base notes of green seaweed in a candle beaker illustrated with an octopus.

Storm Brewing Candle

Fistral Candle -Accessories- Cream CornwallThis is a blend of spicy oriental woods, a top note of lily of the valley, jasmine, and lavender in a White beaker with a Jellyfish illustration.

Fistral Candle

Beachcomber CandleScented Candle fragrance is jasmine, seasalt and cedarwood, base of musk and wood notes in a candle beaker with seashells and coral.

Beachcomber Candle

Bone China Reef CandleOur Reef fragrance is a blend of citrus, jasmine and lavender, on a base of musk and wood notes in a Candle Beaker with coloured Reef prints featuring Octopus,Seahorses and other Sea creatures

Bone China Reef Candle

Starry Eve Candle Tin -Accessories- Cream CornwallThis is a  blend of pine & spruce base notes, mid notes of jasmine and orange blossom with top notes of juniper, mint & bergamot in a beautiful decorated red tin
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