The Nankersey Coastal Collection

Celebrating Everything British

When we think of what is it to be British, so many images come to mind. They are different for all us, but for me, it's a jug of Pimms, Big Ben and our stately homes but, if we had to imagine Britain in colours, the iconic red, white and blue found in the Union Jack comes to everyone's mind. When I see these colours together, they evoke feelings of pride, unity and our stiff upper lip, always believing in our strength and determination. 

So we've decided to launch our latest coastal collection as we come into summer and looking forward to some brighter times ahead as we emerge from lockdown. Living in Falmouth with its rich Maritime History surrounding us, I often think of the halcyon days of the Packet ships, when we ruled the waves and were responsible for delivering the mail and cargo all over the world. Nankersey is the original name for the waterside village of Flushing, which lies across the harbour from Falmouth and was home to many of the Packet ship captains.

This mini coastal collection is all in red, white and blue and epitomises the classic coastal look. All of the pieces can be co-ordinated with our classic range, and we feel it works perfectly together.

We've finally launched some of our furniture collection which we have been selling in our shops for the last three years. These pieces are hand made locally with all the features you would expect from a Cream Cornwall product. Quality, attention to detail, great design and beautiful fabrics.

The Captain Bull sofa anchors this collection of stripes and plains and Allison has designed our first stripe, not to be the last, as it look so amazing! This is a classic red, white and blue and looks great in our Pendennis lampshades. There is a choice of cushions and whilst this range is small, it has everything you need to get the classic coastal look.

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