Hand Carved Sea Horse Necklace


We love our hand carved Sea Horse pendant, it's so unique as we had it hand carved for us using the artwork from our illustration. We chose three different stones for the chain, a mix of greens, a grey and one in ambers. We try and go to Bali every year to have some time to think about new products and designs and also to work with the craftspeople of Bali to create some items that we can't make here. All our carving is done by Dekwa in Ubud and he organises his workers in his village to get the orders carved on time. His father and son both carve and it's lovely to be able to support this traditional craft. 

Once the pieces are carved we take them to have the beaded chains attached. These are made from semi precious stones and we have a small brass plate engraved with Cream set into the chain, so along with the cowrie shell and hand made tassel, these pendants are something to treasure. 


  • Hand carved from cow bone
  • Hand made tassel
  • Cowrie shell
  • Brass plate engraved with Cream
  • Semi precious stone chain
  • Available in grey, green and amber chain

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