A Beautiful Cornish Love Story

It's the month of love and we're reminded of the romantic Cornish legend - Tristan and Isolde.

Tristan and Isolde were two lovers from the medieval times who were separated by circumstances beyond their control. The story goes that Tristan, a Cornish prince, was sent to Ireland to bring back the princess Isolde for his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall, to marry. But, on the way back, they accidentally drank a love potion meant for the king and queen, and it made them fall deeply in love with each other.

From that moment on, they lived in secret, trying to hide their love from the king. But of course, it was eventually discovered, and Tristan was banished from the kingdom. Heartbroken, he sailed away, only to return years later to find that Iseult had married King Mark.

Despite their efforts to resist their love for each other, Tristan and Isolde passion for each other proved too strong. They continued to meet in secret until one day, Tristan was mortally wounded in a fight and Isolde rushed to his side. She stayed by his side until he died in her arms, and it's said that she died of a broken heart shortly after.

Tristan and Iseult a Cornish Valentine legend
The story of Tristan and Isolde continues to captivate audiences. It's a timeless tale of love that transcends even death and it serves as a reminder of the power of love and the lengths people will go to be with the one they love.

Whether you believe in the magic of love potions or not, one thing is certain, the love story of Tristan and Isolde is a beautiful classic.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Rebecca & Allison X

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