A Walk With A Pub At The End!

Zennor to The Gurnard's Head

This 2 mile walk along the coastal path from Zennor to The Gurnard’s Head has breath-taking views of rural and coastal scenery. The stunning coastline looks amazing whatever time of year you decide to do it. With the ever changing weather and seasons this is a walk that you can do again and again and never see the same thing twice.

We took the walk on a mid January day, as we wanted to walk up an appetite for our lunch at The Gurnard’s Head at the end of this short 2 mile walk. 

We parked up at the car park in Zennor and headed to the church to check out the The Mermaid Legend before joining the coast path and heading south. Below you will find some snaps from our walk around the to the great jutting granite headland of Gurnards Head.

The walk is an easy one and passes by so quickly, with the wonderful scenery and jagged coastline grabbing your attention at every twist and turn. The gorse was beginning to bloom on the day we walked this path with the waves crashing below and the wonderful aroma of it’s sweet coconut fragrance, mixed with the fresh Atlantic breeze was a true delight, and will probably be the inspiration for our body care range! 

creamcornwallcoastalwalk from Cream Cornwall on Vimeo.


The massive granite cliffs along this walk are rich with the remains of old mine working and there’s even an old mill standing beside a small waterfall in a shallow river valley. Look out for the mine adits still carrying water from the lost tin mines down to the sea and the remains of an old count house at Carnellow Point before tackling the last section of the walk to Gurnards head juts defiantly out into the ocean.

And your reward at the end for all your efforts is a fabulous lunch at The Gurnard’s Head and the end of a perfect afternoon.



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