Our Classic coastal homewares collection - elegant, luxury and very Gatsby

A classic text is one that stands the test of time. It remains ever relevant, leaves the reader thinking and immerses the audience in that world. It's one that stays in bookshops, despite being written nearly a century ago, such is the case with my recommendation.
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a narrated by Nick Carraway, and it's through his eyes that we're persuaded to feel disillusioned with the notion of the American Dream. Jay Gatsby's quest to win back his true love, Daisy Buchannan, makes it clear that whilst all money talks, old money is king.

The settings of the novel reflect the social divide within American society. Whilst East Egg is a place of decadence, debauchery and delight, with 'white palaces... glittering along the water..." , its neighbour West Egg is a place for the working class and synonymous with struggle. Whilst set in the 1920s, it's enduring themes of love, sacrifice and identity make it a must read. As you may know, there is an excellent film version directed by Baz Lurhmann, if you're short of time!

The first collection Rebecca and I designed was our Classic range and when reading I was imagining our classic tableware and linen gracing those houses of Long Island, New York. I can see our timeless and iconic blue and white maritime and sea creature designs being a treasured keepsake in houses all over.

Like Gatsby, I think our Classic collection is just as timeless and will always be a centrepiece of your home, no matter what the current 'trend' is! From our unique octopus pasta dishes, to our crisp linen napkins and bone china dinner plates, quality products are synonymous with Cream and we want you to enjoy using your pieces for many years to come.

Happy reading!

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