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Article: Cornish Coastal Walks: Mylor to Flushing

Cornish Coastal Walks: Mylor to Flushing
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Cornish Coastal Walks: Mylor to Flushing

There are so many beautiful walks to choose from around Cornwall and we wanted to share another one of our favourites with you. This 2.5 mile circular walk (which is also dog friendly) takes you from the small parish of Mylor to picturesque Flushing.

One of the good things about starting this walk at Mylor is that there is a car park right next to the harbour where you can leave your car. From here you might want to walk over to Mylor cafe where you can fuel yourself for the walk with a cheeky pastry. This cafe has fantastic views over the marina and you'll never get bored watching the comings and goings of the many different boats.

Mylor Harbour
Mylor harbour is home to many different vessels, and it's even described as a 'floating village' in summer. Its access to the unparalleled sailing waters of Carrick Roads and surrounds make it a popular destination, as well as a haven for many.

When facing the harbour, you just need to head right to start your walk. You'll see a sign that says 'Footpath to Flushing' and you'll follow the path around the coastline. As you walk you'll eventually find yourself walking through Trefusis estate. The Trefusis family have been a part of this land since the 13th century and the family still live there today.

As you walk, keep an eye on the comings and goings of this busy waterway. You might see Fal Oysters using their unique and traditional method of collecting local oysters. The water here is home to native oyster beds, and was once a much bigger, key Cornish industry. While oyster fisherman like Fal Oysters do still operate from Mylor, the industry is fragile and struggles to compete against imported products, but as you know there's nothing quite like a fresh Cornish oyster.
Oyster Fisherman in Carrick Roads Mylor to Flushing Cornish walk
The views as you walk around the point are magnificent. Take note of St Mawes Castle and St Anthony's lighthouse watching over the waters of Carrick Roads. As you round the point, you'll also be able to see the historic town of Falmouth, a bustling destination and home to the fantastic Maritime museum. This is where our flagship store is and if you waved to us we could possibly see you (through some binoculars!)

Coming into Flushing you'll arrive next to Flushing beach. When the tide is low, we recommend that you walk right to the end to see if you can find any pieces of the blue and white china that were left by the Dutch when they built a quarry. 
Follow Trefusis road and you'll reach the social Flushing sailing club, continue walking to your right and you'll find yourself walking straight into the village. Flushing was named by the Dutch who came there in the late 17th century. Their own home town was called Vlissingen which was known to the English in the 17th century as “Flushing”. In Cornish we call it Nankersey and it's best known for being a home to many of the Packet Ship Captains, officers and their families, and crew. It is a true hub for everything to do with the sea.Flushing Village Coastal walk from Mylor to FlushingLook out for some of our products as you walk through the village. This is where Cream began as we both lived in the village and used our surrounding as inspiration. Some of our very first customers were locals who saw our designs in Allison's window. We could hear them oooing and ahhing before there were knocks on the door to ask where they could buy them! You'll still see lots of glimpses of our cushions, candles and curtains in the windows as you pass. Cornish Coastal Walk from Mylor to Flushing Cream Cornwall Reef Collection of cushions and lampshadesBy now it's the perfect time to reward your walking efforts and enjoy the ambience of this quaint village, with a good lunch or snack. Choose between Waterside, a restaurant right on Flushing quay, the iconic Seven Stars or The Royal Standard to provide great food and atmosphere. We recommend you book a table if you're planning on having lunch or dinner there to ensure you're not disappointed.
There's a couple of options for getting back to your car; you can either return the way you came, or continue walking through the village and up the road to Mylor. This walk is sure to blow any cobwebs away and we know you'll enjoy it as much as we do. It can be quite muddy if it's been particularly wet, so be thoughtful with your choice of walking shoes! 

Before you head home make sure you take in some big breaths of this fresh sea air. There's nothing quite like it, except we've created a candle that will remind you. Our new Reef candle is a classic, refreshingly clean blend of citrus, jasmine and lavender, on a base of musk and wood notes. We wanted a fragrance which reminded us of being near the sea, that ozonic freshness that makes us feel so good. 

We hope you enjoy this walk as much as we do. One of our favourites!
Rebecca and Allison X

Luxury Bone China Scented Reef Candle

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