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Article: Where Do Your Cream Products Come From?🌏

Where Do Your Cream Products Come From?🌏

Where Do Your Cream Products Come From?🌏

Beautiful Things, Beautifully Made In Britain. 
 When we started Cream Cornwall back in 2012, we wanted to design and manufacture good quality, British products, beautifully made to last. We started off making most of the products ourselves which we loved, but once the demand grew and we couldn't cope anymore, we had to find makers and take on some staff!
We had to find a way to expand our production whilst keeping within our ethos.

.Here at Cream we hold ourselves responsible for our Carbon footprint and this starts with our products. We are passionate about keeping our production local, where we can, we make most of our products here in Cornwall. If we can't, then we have great manufacturers and we are proud to say that we still use the same ones that we found when we first started. 
We also like to travel to international trade shows to find exclusive products that work well with our Cream Cornwall look and have also been to Bali twice to work with local craftspeople, producing unique mirrors and lighting that you won't find anywhere else. Rebecca used to live in Bali and likes to stay in contact with the people who make these beautiful products. Although we buy a few products that aren't made in Britain, we always know where they are made and who makes them.
Our Makers
We’ve got a great team of makers that all live within an eight mile radius of our studio in Falmouth. We always get compliments about the quality of our cushions, lampshades, wash bags etc and we are so lucky to have a local team who we can work directly with and wouldn't have it any other way. It’s also important to us to know who makes our products and that they are paid accordingly. 
Lee is one of our sewers and here she is cutting velvet for the backs of our cushions
Our Textiles
.We have the fabric digitally printed here in the UK, then cut and sewn. It’s very rewarding to be able to say that most of our products are made not only in Britain, but in Cornwall.
TRENWITH COLLECTION - Designed by us, printed in the UK, made in Cornwall. 
Our Lampshades 
Our lampshades are now made in at our warehouse in Penryn, where they are also packed, meaning minimal travel miles! We have the panels digitally printed in the UK, which are then handed to our talented team of makers in to produce the final product. Each one is made to order, so you know that your lampshade has been made especially for you, here in Cornwall.
Our Prints
.We have our own in house printer, so our prints are made to order, printed and packaged here at our Falmouth HQ! 
Our Candles
We began by making the candles ourselves, but as they got more popular we weren’t able to keep up with the demand! We knew we wanted to keep them made as close to home as possible and were lucky to find a fantastic Cornish Candle pourers to help. Our beautiful candles are poured into the line china beakers by The St Eval candle company in north Cornwall. With their state of the art facilities and great attention to detail we knew we’d be happy with the end product and you, our customers love them.
Other Ways That We Try To Reduce Our Carbon Footprint 
Apart from our product production, here are few ways that we try to be a Greener Cream Team:
🌱Ride Share Most of our team live within walking distance. However, we also have two work vehicles that we try to ride share with as much as possible. 
🌱Work From Home Some of our employees who live a little further away work from home when possible, to save the need to drive into work.
🌱Cooking facilities at work  Luckily, Cornwall is a pretty conscious county when it comes to eating out. However, we do have some basic kitchen facilities for our team to help reduce the use of plastic water bottles, coffee takeaway cups, fast food packaging etc. 
🌱Online Meetings Sometimes we will have our team meetings via skype or whatsapp calls and find this can be just as effective, without the car miles!
🌱Recycle What we cannot we reuse, we recycle!
🌱Go Paperless We try to be a paperless office where possible! 
Although this is still an ongoing progress of learning what more we can do to be a greener Cream, we hope this has given you a little bit of clarity on where your Cream products have come from and the movements that we are making here at Cream to be a climate conscious company. 
We hope you love your beautiful Cream products, beautifully made in Britain...
Cream x   


I just love my new worktop saver. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself. It’s such good quality and so colourful. It came beautifully packaged in environmentally friendly material.

Teresa Wynn-Clarke

I think your products are beautiful. I have a Granddaughter at Exeter University. The campus is in Penryn and as she is now living in Falmouth we were going to visit her but Covid and lockdown put paid to that. We will be down next year and will visit your shop to view your products.
Kind regards,


Mary Kernick

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