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Article: The Beachcomber Edit: The Story Behind The Collection

The Beachcomber Edit: The Story Behind The Collection

The Beachcomber Edit: The Story Behind The Collection

 We love scanning the beach for treasures here at Cream, it's really amazing what you can find when dodging waves along the shoreline! 
Allison and Rebecca have been ‘shell seekers’ for as long as they can remember and it’s through this obsession of collecting beach treasures that our Beachcomber range has been born. 
Beachcomber paints inspirations
Allison’s love for shells started when she was a child, she remembers holidays to the coast where her eyes would be fixed on the sand, hoping to find the perfect shell, crab shell, claw or the most beautifully patterned pebble! She loves standing over rock pools and peering into them from above, she describes them as priceless treasure troves of sun bleached, sea washed jewels full of stories from the sea. She remembers the exciting feeling of putting her hand beneath the pool of water, warmed by the sun, would there be a hermit crab, anemone or best of all a starfish inside?
Shells on beach
No matter where Rebecca goes in the world, she spends hours looking into rock pools and watching what the sea deposits on the tideline, she always finds a treasure! Her favourite shells are mussels. The shades of blue, from deep indigo through to ink and then fading away to soft blues are always an inspirational colour palette for her.
Whether it’s a piece of beautiful seaweed washed up on the sand, artfully arranged by nature to look like something that could be picked up and framed, or a sun-bleached shell with beautiful markings, the beach is full of inspiration for her! Some of her earliest memories are coming home, happily tired after a day on the beach, with a bucket full of hermit crabs and wondering where they had gone when she came out to find them the next morning.Seaweed frames on the beach
Drawing on their love and inspiration for beach finds, the new ‘Beachcomber’ collection features four different fabric designs which each come in two colourways and are printed on three grounds of fabric; navy, natural and white. Elements from these designs have been re-sized and printed onto striking lampshades, which are finished with a luxurious velvet trim and suit any room in the house!
Beachcomber lampshade
They’ve also designed a gorgeous mix of cushions which are self piped and reversible too. These can be mixed and matched really easily and our new Manderley cushions go one step further and are sewn with two different, but complementary prints, the scallop shell and coral design is on the front and the back has a mini scallop repeat.
This contemporary yet classic design is inspired by romantic Cornish novelist Daphne Du Maurier. It suits a beach house just as much as an eclectic patterned home in-land.  This design has two simple elements, but they’re two of our favourites; the classic scallop shell and delicate branches of coral.
Manderley cushions
Available in either pink or blue, this mini scallop design on our Navron fabric is the perfect accompaniment to our Beachcomber range and in particular, it really compliments our Manderley design. The small scale of the overlapping scallop pattern makes this fabric really versatile for so many different projects, whether it’s window treatments, cushions, lampshade making or even tablecloths.
Manderley and Navron tablecloth
Our Rockpool fabric range features shades of blue; from deep washy indigos and silver greys through to sky blues with a pop of soft pink. This collection reminds us of a Cornish summer! The design uses a beautiful combination of starfish, a rare sand dollar, razor clams, mussel shells and whelks which all sit between fans of indigo seaweed. 
Rockpool fabric hanging
We love the rare Nautilus shell in our Shellseekers design, they’re not found in Cornish waters, but Rebecca has found these washed up on her local beach in Australia. Scallop shells are found everywhere in Cornwall and their shape is so beautiful that it’s a design Rebecca and Allison keep coming back to, as they love it so much. The whelk in this fabric adds another dynamic with its elongated shape and apricot colouring. The pop of dark pink on the sea urchin adds texture and mixed with the beautiful fans of coral, they form the perfect pattern repeat for this eclectic collection of shells. 
Shellseekers tablecloth
If you like nature, the beach and textiles, then expect to fall in love with this new range! Whether you prefer the fresh look of our white ground fabric, the organic look of the natural base, or how the designs pop against the navy backdrop, these patterns are sure to create a feeling of coastal bliss in your home.
Rebecca on the beach


Hello are there any books available to buy which relate to Cream and all it’s products? Thank you


I too love beachcombing and being a shell seeker, I enjoy painting watercolours of my treasures and love your designs, they are really beautiful, they bring the coast into my home.

Gaye G Darkins1234

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