Tablescaping With Beachcomber Linens

Believe it or not, summer is on the horizon now and here at Cream we can’t wait for the longer, saltier days and to be let loose with some Al-fresco tablescaping! 
Since we received our beautiful Beachcomber fabrics a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about which plates, candles and accessories we’d like to style with them in an outdoor setting! So, we wanted to show you three different ways you can tablescape on top of these coastal patterned treasure troves. 
Each fabric design is filled with a beautiful mixture of shells, sea-urchins, star fish and mollusks in colours that our glass and resin accessories complement perfectly!
We’ve styled three of the new designs; Manderley, Rockpool and Shellseeker to show you what you could create at home!
Manderley tablecsape
First up, we used the Manderley fabric on the Ink blue ground. We absolutely love how much the pastel pink of the scallop shell and the grey-blue of the coral stand out on this fabric! We chose to continue the blue theme and use our Classic blue and white bone china plates and our new Rockpool napkins (which will be in stock very soon!) 
These patterned fabrics don’t need placemats as it would make the table look too cluttered. Plus, the busyness of the designs would hide any food spillages anyway! 
Manderley tablescaping
The stunning set of three art-deco tea-lights which come in tones of pink look like they’re just meant to be on top of this fabric, paired with some clear wine glasses they create a lovely reflective look in the sun-light! Another addition to this table was a couple of our grey-blue resin corals which match the colour of the coral design in the fabric exactly! These faux corals are so realistic and can be easily used in indoor and outdoor styling. We finished the scheme off with a couple of our aqua taper candles which help to brighten the table up further and contrast nicely in the blue enamel candle holders.
Rockpool runner tablescaping
The next fabric we used was the Rockpool pattern on white. This will be available to buy as a tablecloth and runner very soon! But in the meantime you can buy the fabric by the metre. 
Using our Classic blue and white bone china when dressing this table was a no-brainer! The ink blues in the mussel shells and seaweed of this design work so well with it. The Rockpool napkins create a stunning layered sea-bed effect and our new set of four Sea-Creature tumblers which come in shades ranging from turquoise to seaweed green, pick out that gorgeous teal colour inside the whelk shell and bring an extra pop of colour to the table! 
Rockpool tablecloth
In the centre of the table we scattered a few mussel shells and also placed a couple of our small navy starfish platters. These platters are such a useful size for nibbles and the star shape of them works amazingly on top of this design. We again used the aqua taper candles and a set of our glass tea-lights which are a fab mid blue, amber and silver colour which pick out the more natural colours of the shells in this fabric.
Shellseeker tablescaping
The final fabric we schemed with was the pink Shellseekers linen. This pattern is full of sea-urchins, sand dollars, scallop shells and corals in a mixture of pastel pinks, apricots and stronger cerise pink. We wanted to create a contrasting look, so dressed the table with our Classic blue and white bone china and again with the rockpool napkins. Orange and blue are complimentary colours, so although very different, create a really interesting look!
Because the pattern of the plates and napkins is still very much coastal themed, mixing these colours together just works! It was really fun choosing items to tablescape with on this linen because there were lots of different pink and orange tones to choose from. You might notice some spider crab shells in the centre of the table. These crabs were caught a few weeks ago, we kept the shells as they have such a great texture and once they’ve lightened in the sunlight a little, are the most amazing washed apricot colour. 
We again, used our pink tone glass tea-lights as they are just so perfect with the tones of coral and sea-urchin in the design.
Shellseeker tablescaping
For an added POP, we couldn’t resist adding our orange taper candles to the mix! Set against the blue enamel candle holders, we think they look stunning. The main centerpiece of the table is this gorgeous oyster coloured  faux coral on a plinth, it’s rounded shape really compliments the shells on the tablecloth and it’s got a lovely ribbed texture too. 
Styling a table can sometimes feel a little overwhelming if you use a plain white tablecloth, so make it easier for yourself and start with one of these patterned coastal beauties! We hope you feel inspired, have a go at home! Just choose a fabric that you love and use it as a palette for your tablescaping. As long as you balance the amount of colour and accessories on each side of the table we’re sure you’ll do a fab job. Show us what you create @creamcornwall #creamcornwall
For a peek behind the scenes of how we created our Rockpool tablescape, watch the video below. 

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