You can never have enough vases. They look just as good with or without flowers in them and make a perfect gift. We've got lot's of designs to choose from and are adding to the collection all the time.
Tintagel Stoneware Jug -Accessories- Cream CornwallTintagel Stoneware Jug -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
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Tintagel Stoneware Jug

Boscastle Stoneware Jug -Accessories- Cream CornwallBoscastle Stoneware Jug -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Boscastle Stoneware Jug

Roseland Tall Pitcher -Accessories- Cream CornwallRoseland Tall Pitcher -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Roseland Tall Pitcher

Sea Urchin Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallSea Urchin Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Sea Urchin Vase

Minack Blue Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallMinack Blue Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Minack Blue Vase

Polperro Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallPolperro Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Polperro Vase

Newlyn Stoneware Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallNewlyn Stoneware Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall
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Newlyn Stoneware Vase

Clear Bubble Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallClear Bubble Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Clear Bubble Vase

Mevagissey Vase -Accessories- Cream CornwallMevagissey Vase -Accessories- Cream Cornwall

Mevagissey Vase

Urchin Jug -Kitchen & Dining- Cream CornwallUrchin Jug -Kitchen & Dining- Cream Cornwall

Urchin Jug