Choose Your Table Style & How to Get That Look

It doesn't matter whether it's Christmas, Easter or a family get together, there's something special about dressing a table and listening to the ooohhs and ahhhs as your guests see the table for the first time. However, it can be overwhelming when you try to 'get the look', and sometimes we need a bit of inspiration!

Tablescaping is a bit of an art as you don't need to have a table full of expensive pieces. You can mix and match and play around with different looks. Here's a bit of an overall guide to tablescaping to give you a helping hand.

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Have a look at the different styles below and you'll find a unique guide on how to dress your table in that style. Simply click on the link to see how to create your own version. 

Coastal Classic

Classic coastal table with shells and coastal designed bone chinaClassic 

A christmas themed tablescape with lots of lit tapered candles - home decor-Cream Cornwall

Bright & Vibrant

Bright and vibrant tablescape with pompoms and coral candleholders in reds and blues
We hope this helps you to plan your perfect occasion. 
Rebecca & Allison X

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