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Article: Create your sanctuary: Transform your home into a 5* hotel

Create your sanctuary: Transform your home into a 5* hotel

Create your sanctuary: Transform your home into a 5* hotel

In our new series titled 'Creating your sanctuary' we'll be sharing key design principles to help you to style your home. However, in this first blog post of the series we're looking at what you can immediately do to make it feel like you're in a 5 star hotel.Shot of luxury velvet couch with reversible throw and velvet cushion
We believe that your home should reflect and be an extension of your personality. It's a place where we can safely retreat from the outside world and decide how much or how little of it we let in. When we walk through our front door, we want it to feel like our sanctuary; a space where we and our loved ones feel at ease and happy. Without a doubt, creating and living in a beautiful home enhances your well-being and is just as important to your health as eating the right foods. 

Good taste doesn’t cost anything, it’s about how you style things. It's important to make every item earn its keep, so buy quality pieces that you can see yourself having around forever. Of course, you can always add in a little surprise now and then!
Image of living room with Manderley Shell Seeker cushion on couch-Cream Cornwall
So how do we make our home reflect the luxury that we associate with a 5 star hotel?

Naturally some things are budget led, like a deep bath or walk in rain shower. But if you can’t stretch to that, then there are many other things that can be done. 


Scents have a legendary ability to transport us back to our earliest memories. We all have certain things, that when we smell them, can make us feel really emotional. That’s because, in very simplistic terms, the receptors in our nose send messages to our amygdala, our memory bank for emotional experiences.

Smell is our most evocative sense and surrounding ourselves with perfume which makes us feel good, is something that is very easy to do. Not only does it make us feel good, it can also cover up smells that we don’t like so much, wet dog, [although a lot of people love this!], cooking or chemical smells from certain cleaning products. From scented candles and room sprays to diffusers, there's lots of options if you want to fragrance your home, and each one has a different role to play. We love our room sprays, diffusers and candles and their reusable bone china vessels. We've created scents that gets people talking - you can read about the different ones here.

Scent Image Cream Cornwall


Scented candles are the perfect way to create an atmospheric and tranquil space. The flicker of a lit flame, along with gorgeous smells permeating through the house make their addition a must have in any house.

Using candles is also an easy way to create a gorgeous setting for guests. Positioning lots of dinner candles in different candle holders, such as tall candle sticks and tea lights looks great. You can group them together or line them up along a mantle piece depending on the look you're going for. More is more when it comes to candles; their light makes everything look luxe.
Lifestyle shot of table laid with Cream Cornwall classic china and candle centrepieceEasily create that 5* bathroom by lighting a candle (scented preferably!) or lots of tea lights, running yourself a bath and using some Epsom salts and lavender oil. Play some soothing music or listen to a guided meditation. You'll feel like a million dollars after a long soak. 
cream-cornwall-luxury-bathroom-babington -house
A beautiful bathroom at Babington House
 Scented Stargazey Candle-Cream Cornwall

"Once the candle has burnt, use it as a tea light holder. It’s made from bone china so the light shines through it beautifully."

Whenever I go somewhere, I always judge the standard of where I am by the towels. They must be soft, fluffy and thick. White is always used in hotels, and although they require a lot of maintenance, they look fantastic, but the colour choice is yours and obviously depends on your interiors. A great place to get them from is Soak and Sleep. The main thing is that you have a large bath towel to envelope you when you step out of that relaxing bath. Choose a luxurious bathrobe to match, then you really will have that 5 star experience. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune at the florist to have a full vase in your house all year round. Look at what you can grow if you have a garden/room for plant pots. If you're organised plant some tulips for the spring and dahlias for the summer. Both are pretty much fool proof and I know from experience that you can have a house full of blooms for months for next to nothing. It’s also very rewarding; being able to pick flowers you have grown is such a buzz! If you haven’t got a garden, then look around your hedgerows. Vases full of foliage look amazing and last for ages.
Ceramic Urchin Jug and Vase-Accessories-Cream Cornwall
Invest in two sets of linen bedlinen and buy the best you can afford. Be savvy when shopping as there are always offers available.  Colours such as classic white or pale grey are timeless, and if you don’t like ironing [who does?] then go for the French linen, it looks great with that slightly tumbled look. One of my favourite places to buy bed linen is Soak and Sleep - although there are lots of other places, I like this site for the range on offer and everything that I've had from them has been of excellent quality.
French bed linen-Soak and Sleep- Bedding-Cream Cornwall
Buy the biggest bed you can fit comfortably in your bedroom; if you can, aim for a Super king size. You can buy super king pillows which are longer than the standard and don’t look lost on the bed. Four pillows, two European pillows and at least two decorative ones, look great, along with a beautiful throw or quilt along the foot of the bed. Like the linen, choose good quality pillows- the best you can afford, as this will make your time in bed so relaxing that you'll never want to get out of it! 
Bedroom shot of luxury throw on bed-Homewares-Cream Cornwall

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