It All Starts With An Illustration

From a Maritime Landscape, to a Game & Garden design, at Cream we have made it simple for you to transform a room into your own Cornish Retreat. The endless colour ways and designs will just make it difficult to decide which one to choose!

Cornwall inspires everything we do, it’s at the heart of our designs. Our shop and studio have panoramic views of Falmouth harbour so inspiration is never far away.


At Cream we pride ourselves on being Made in Britain. We are passionate about quality and provenance and love to keep our products made in Cornwall where we can and if we can’t do that, then definitely made in Britain. We have a team of makers, from sewers to furniture makers and still make our lampshades in house. We thought it might be interesting for our customers to learn a little bit more about what goes into the finished product …

 Here’s a peek into our journey of how the illustration turns into our unique Cream lampshade!

So, how do we create those unique Cream designs? Let’s begin with pen and ink. The first stage is just as exciting as the finished product; turning our inspiration into illustration


Once we have the drawings we start to play, scaling them up, cropping and experimenting with placement. We like to stick all the “possibles” on the wall and leave them for a few days to live with, although we usually know which ones we’ll put into production as soon as we’ve stuck them up.

Then they get sent off to the printers, whether it be for decals for our ceramics or to our digital printers for our fabrics. It’s very exciting when it all arrives back and we get to make it all up into cushions, lampshades etc.


We are proud to say all of our lampshades are made by hand at our studio which is above our shop in Falmouth, Cornwall. At Falmouth, Natasha finishes the journey and brings the products into what you see in store today. She uses a material called Styrene which she cuts into our sizes that is then stuck onto the fabric panels. Tape is laid onto the styrene and the lampshade rings are rolled onto this.

Natasha has learnt and perfected her own technique of rolling which is quite an achievement as the process used to involve two people!



Once Natasha has rolled, the edges are folded under and she meticulously tucks the fabric under neatly creating the perfect rolled edge ready to give you the finished unique Cream lampshade!

Natasha with the finished product!


Get in touch!

 We’d love to see your favourite lampshade design and where you’ve chosen to enjoy it! Tag us with a photo on Instagram with #creamcornwall or get in touch at




Beautiful. Bravo Natasha x

Debra Hudson January 19, 2019

Beautiful. Bravo Natasha x

Debra Hudson March 18, 2019

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