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Article: 5 Quick Tips To Beat The January Blues!

Navy reef cushion & hot pink chambray cushion style a cream couch with a dark navy woollen throw.

5 Quick Tips To Beat The January Blues!

After all the fun and indulgence of the festive period, it is almost impossible not to succumb to a little bout of the January blues. From over indulging and spending time with those you love to New Year health kicks and a long countdown to the next holiday, it’s easy to feel a little glum at this time of year! That’s why here at Cream HQ Rebecca & Allison have put together some easy & quick decorating tips that are guaranteed to help you beat the January blues, and leave you ready and inspired for a fresh start to the year.


Velvet cushion and Cream Cornwall throw styled on a blue couch

At this time of year you need a place to sit and relax on a cold winters day, and what could be better than to create a cosy corner by a window with a beautiful view. Allison suggests that you ditch the curtains here and use a roman blind to allow plenty of light in, add a comfy arm chair and footstool and a reading light, so that you can sit yourself down with a favourite book and just while away the afternoons. Don’t forget to accessorize with a warm winter throw, to wrap around if you’re feeling a little chilly.


“By the time Christmas is over, I tend to really suffer from the dull greyness of the season, especially after having spent many years living in Australia. Without the festivities to distract me I am often gloomier than usual,” says Rebecca.

To combat this mood Rebecca suggests adding flowers to your home. She loves to use a mix a real & faux flowers in her displays to keep things vibrant and changing. “There’s nothing quite like walking into a room with a beautiful floral display to lift your spirits and remind you that Spring is just around the corner” she said


If you want to add energy and newness to your space but are on a tight budget, then paint is the answer. Use fresh, light shades to completely transform the space. “Finding just the right shade can be daunting, but just take the plunge, you can always paint over it again” says Allison. We have a beautiful range of paints inspired by Cornwall that can be a great starting point for your next interiors project, so why not order a sample pot today. The image above shows a project we were involved in where the kitchen needed an update, but rather than rip out and start again, all that was needed was a simple lick of paint in Manderley, the perfect soft blue. We think you’ll agree, it looks fab!


Sometimes a pop colour is all that’s needed to completely change the look and feel of a room. In this interiors project we used turmeric, a deep gold alongside a palette of soft greys, to bring a little sunshine in. If you are on a tight budget, cushions, lampshades and rugs are a great way to bring in some colour, texture and pattern and can completely change the mood of a room.
“The other great thing about soft furnishings is that you can instantly change the look of a room for different seasons, constantly refreshing it. You can put them away and get them out at a later date” says Rebecca.


Sometimes people associate blues with being cold, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Used in the right way they can breathe new life into your home, and brighten a dull room. Here at Cream you know we love our blues, and with so many different shades to choose from it’s hard to choose a favourite, that’s why we love to layer them on top of each other. In the bedroom project above our classic navy and off white used on its’ own would have been too cold, but when paired with airforce and Cornish blue, the look is bright and fresh.

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A fantastic shop with beautiful cream Cornish wear but most of all fantastic helpful staff .
I will be back again in the spring .

Debra Wakefield

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