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Bone China Mackerel Jugs

Sale price£18.00


The Mackerel Heads Jug is one of our signature designs, paying homage to the rich local fishing heritage and reminiscent of the legendary Cornish Star Gazey Pie and the salty seas. This timeless classic design features intricately detailed mackerel heads, adding an element of character and charm to any dining setting.

Transform your dining experience into a coastal paradise with our exquisite bone china collection. Our beautifully illustrated sea creatures and crustaceans bring the ocean's wonders to your table, transporting you to the serene shores and refreshing waters.

Available in three different sizes, our jugs are the perfect choice for serving beverages or displaying floral arrangements, adding a touch of elegance and coastal charm to any interior setting. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a relaxing evening, our jugs are the perfect companions for a delightful coastal-themed dining experience.


Three Bone China white Jugs with hand drawn illustration of our Mackerel head design in Navy.There are three sizes Large,Medium and the small
Bone China Mackerel Jugs Sale price£18.00