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Shell Seeker Lampshade - Ink Blue

Sale price£48.00

Colour:Ink Blue

We love the rare Nautilus shell in this design, they’re not found in Cornish waters, but Rebecca has found these washed up on her local beach in Australia. We’ve also added the scallop shell which we find everywhere in Cornwall, it’s so beautiful and a shell that we keep coming back to as we love them so much. The ubiquitous Whelk has so many species, so they never look boring! Lastly is a piece of beautiful coral, which forms the backdrop for this eclectic collection of shells. Choose from two base colours; ink blue or off white for this beautiful lampshade.

To help you decide which size shade to pair with your lamp base, we've filmed a video with our own tips which you can watch here. Or have a read of our blog post which includes some helpful diagrams here.

Please note that we cannot send lampshades to any country outside of the EU. Unfortunately our lampshades are too expensive to ship as although light, volumetrically they are huge and cost a lot!

Shell Seeker Ink Blue Shade With Shells,Seaweed,Sea Urchin and Whelks Design in pinks/whites with a pink trim on the edge of the shade.The lampshades are shown in a stack of three showing all three sizes.
Shell Seeker Lampshade - Ink Blue Sale price£48.00