A collection of hand made and remastered antique pieces. We have designed classic, yet contemporary styles, which we feel will be perfect for your home. Locally made, so that we can ensure you receive the highest quality in workmanship, the furniture all has solid beech frames, proper springs, the highest quality foam or feather cushions and fabrics which are chosen for not only their looks but their durability and practicality.

We also find antique pieces which we lovingly restore and cover in our fabrics, giving each piece a new lease of life and giving you, the customer, something totally unique.

All our prices include delivery and we are more than happy to chat through fabric options and colours with you. Lead times are currently 10-12 weeks but we can't make any more before Christmas!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries,
 Rebecca & Allison 
Captain Bull's Sofa -Furniture- Cream CornwallCaptain Bull's Sofa -Furniture- Cream Cornwall

Captain Bull's Sofa

Reef Sofa -Furniture- Cream CornwallReef Sofa -Furniture- Cream Cornwall

Reef Sofa

Shell Seeker Vintage Arm Chair -Furniture- Cream CornwallShell Seeker Vintage Arm Chair -Furniture- Cream Cornwall
Sold Out

Shell Seeker Vintage Arm Chair

Rockpool Vintage Arm Chair -Furniture- Cream CornwallRockpool Vintage Arm Chair -Furniture- Cream Cornwall
Sold Out

Rockpool Vintage Arm Chair

Daphne Dining Chair -Furniture- Cream CornwallDaphne Dining Chair -Furniture- Cream Cornwall

Daphne Dining Chair

Daphne Sofa -Furniture- Cream CornwallDaphne Sofa -Furniture- Cream Cornwall

Daphne Sofa

Daphne Armchair -Furniture- Cream CornwallDaphne Armchair -Furniture- Cream Cornwall

Daphne Armchair