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Article: Our Samudra Collection: Where Tradition Meets Coastal Luxe

Our Samudra Collection: Where Tradition Meets Coastal Luxe
Block Printing

Our Samudra Collection: Where Tradition Meets Coastal Luxe

India for us, is the home of textiles. It’s a place of age old techniques and people who have the skills to create amazing fabrics and products.

One of the techniques we have always loved is block printing; a traditional art form that involves using carved wooden blocks to stamp designs onto fabric. Each block is meticulously hand-carved and the detail is amazing.
Traditional Block Printing We love this way of decorating fabric as it gives the design a hand made look, every piece is slightly different and we love the mark making and variations in colour which make block printing so unique.
We knew that we wanted to create our own block printed range so we headed to India in October last year and went straight to Jaipur, the home of Indian block printing.
Rebecca and Allison in India
We met up with a couple of printers we had met earlier at a trade show and just like that, we designed our blocks and had them carved exclusively for us. This was like a dream come true, seeing something we had created come to life in a country we had both wanted to do production in for a long time.
Our Cream Cornwall Block Printing
The printers not only printed the fabric for all of the beautiful things we had made, cushions, dressing gowns, tablecloths etc., but the fabric was sent to a local lampshade maker who made our beautiful pleated lampshades.
Paisley Block Printed Quilt
It also went to the lovely Ajay, who created our beautiful new notebooks and decorative boxes. Ajay showed us how the paper for our notebooks was made and then covered some of them with our block prints.
Block Printed Luxury Notebooks
There are hundreds of traditional designs which have been produced for centuries in a myriad of wonderful colour combinations. But of course, we wanted to do things differently! We decided to stick to a colour palette of coastal blues, turquoises, aqua and duck egg blue.
Beautiful Samudra block printed cushions
This means that the colours all work together and so you can create a layered interior scheme knowing that you can’t go wrong. Usually this takes hours of work, finding fabrics which work together is an arduous process, but we’ve made it easy for you!
We also took traditional designs and put our own coastal spin on them. We used a scallop shell instead of a traditional flower, a beautiful whelk in the middle of the classic paisley motif, our little flower has a starfish shape as their bloom and our favourite starfish gets to sit in our version of a cameo. All displayed in a beautiful array of gorgeous colours.
Close up of block printed quilt
We also had some plain cushions and throws woven, which co-ordinate beautifully with our other collections, from this block printed range through to Beachcomber, Reef and our classic collection.
Hot Pink Chambray cushion with reef navy cushion styled on couch

We want you to create your individual look with what we have created and can't wait for you to share your home decor schemes with us.

Rebecca & Allison X

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I can’t wait to see the beautiful fabrics, they all look amazing!


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